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A kitchen is a space where everything needs to have a function. Otherwise, the gorgeous new gadget you bought will be shut away in a drawer and pulled out on the rare occasion. That being said, having a few accessories that make cooking, cleaning and creating a little easier and more fun is wonderful and one of our favourite aspects of modern convenience.

So, what you’re looking for are kitchen accessories that are both functional and beautiful so that they can make life easier while improving the appearance of the space. In this post, Innoteck looks at the five best kitchen accessories for a beautiful, useful home.

What are kitchen accessories?

Kitchen accessories, otherwise known as kitchen tools or gadgets, are small tools that are used for food preparation and storage. Generally, they help the cook to cut food to a certain size, store, heat, bake, grind, mix, measure and blend. 

5 best kitchen accessories

There are many useful accessories for the kitchen, and it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Especially when every marketing platform is shouting that they have what you need. So we’ve looked around our own kitchens and our products to determine what is truly the most useful and attractive kitchen utensils.

Tip: Make use of matching or well-suited colours to tie your aesthetic together.

  1. Wine rack

Guess which utensil is our favourite? A wine rack is both stylish and practical, and you’ll love having one in your kitchen to store your reds and whites. Excellent for entertaining, your guests can peruse the options, or you can simply slide out your favourite.

  1. Utensil holder

A utensil holder, which can accommodate your spatula, mixing spoons, ladle, etc., is a great addition to any kitchen. These are utensils that are great to have on hand when you need them, but they can’t just be strewn about. Just be sure to invest in a utensil holder that suits your kitchen aesthetic, and it will bring everything together nice and neatly. 

  1. Cutting boards

Of course, every kitchen needs a couple of cutting boards. However, not all cutting boards are created equal. We prefer wooden cutting boards, as they look great, are gentler on knives, and are easy to clean. Aim to buy at least three boards, of different sizes, for different uses.

  1. Immersion blender

An immersion blender is one of the handiest kitchen appliances on the market. They are small, easy to store, easy to set up and use, and can make a wide variety of dishes. From a smoothie to blended soups and even hummus, a good immersion blender can do it all. However, if you have enough counter space, a blender and juicer combo is also a great practical choice.

  1. Kitchen utensils

What is a kitchen without its utensils? Here we’re talking about spatulas, spoons, whisks, ladles, etc. When looking for kitchen utensils, it is important to look for both quality and aesthetics. You want the colours to suit the rest of your kitchen and for the utensils to match one another. Chrome and black are our favourite timeless utensils colours, as they tend to suit most kitchens and appliances while looking neat and stylish.

How to lighten up a dark kitchen with accessories

Do you feel like your kitchen is a bit too dark and poky? Kitchen accessories can be sued to brighten up a dark kitchen without having to paint the walls or bash a hole in the wall for another wall. Here are the best ways to brighten up a dark kitchen:

  • Add some light: This one may seem obvious, but adding in some light by using the bare bulb and an interesting lampshade may just be the ideal way to lighten your space. While making it more interesting too. 
  • Make use of light or chrome appliances: Instead of a black stove, kettle and air fryer, why not lighten things up a bit? Use pastel colours and chrome finishes instead of black. This shiny surface will reflect light, brightening things up immediately.
  • Buy in whites, creams and pastel colours: When you purchase a new accessory for your kitchen, ensure that the colour suits the light, bright aesthetic that you’re after. This way, your kitchen will get lighter and lighter as you fill it.
  • Get a plant: One of the best ways to brighten your kitchen is by adding a little natural life to it. A hanging plant is ideal, as these don’t take up floor or counter space.
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