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New technology and innovative appliances have changed the way that we look at cooking. Now that we know that creating delicious dishes can be easier, quicker, and all-around better than before, it’s hard to go back to the stove-top. 

There are two main appliances that have revolutionised the way that we cook. Air fryers have taken the world by storm by creating perfectly cooked, crispy meals without the oil usage traditionally associated with these meals. Pressure cookers, on the other hand, allow you to walk away from the kitchen and spend your time on other things while cooking your food much faster than the stove ever could.

So which is better? Of course, the ideal situation would be to have both in your kitchen. But if you have to make this tricky decision, this guide will help you decide which is right for you. We’ve put together the benefits of both options so that you can choose which suits your life and cooking style best.

Difference Between Air Fryer and Pressure Cooker

First things first, let’s look at what sets these appliances apart. Their names give us an indication of their differences, as a pressure cooker uses high pressure and air-tight sealing to cook food. Air fryers rely on hot air circulation to cook through foods.

This means that they are each used to create rather different meals. You cannot cook a stew in an air fryer, because it requires space between foods in order to circulate the hot air. You will therefore also not overfill one of these appliances, because your meal will then be only partially cooked. 

Similarly, a pressure cooker cannot make crispy chips or pizza rolls but can make a mean butter chicken. Therefore, the main difference between these appliances is that they are used to cook different foods.

Benefits of an Air Fryer

Since each appliance offers different benefits, this is an important metric when deciding between a pressure cooker and air fryer. With that in mind, here are the five biggest advantages of using an air fryer:

  1. Healthier food: With the reduction in oil, air fryers make healthier, more nutritious meals.
  2. Crispy, crunchy food: The technology utilised by these appliances allows you to create crispy foods, without deep-frying.
  3. Easy to clean: Instead of scrubbing pots and struggling with stovetops, clean your air fryer with ease.
  4. Faster than an oven: These handy contraptions can cook food quicker than an oven, shortening the wait to eat.
  5. Safe and easy to use: It is very easy to use an air fryer, and anyone can do it, even the kids.

Benefits of a Pressure Cooker

The benefits of a pressure cooker set it further apart from an air fryer, and indicate a number of differences from that appliance. The five main advantages of a pressure cooker are:

  1. Cooks food faster: Pressure cookers are approximately 30%- 70% faster than traditional ovens, freeing up time and allowing you to eat that much sooner.
  2. Retains more nutrients: Foods cooked in this appliance retain more nutrients and minerals than boiling or baking, making them healthier for you.
  3. Food is tastier: Since these meals retain more of their nutrients, they are more flavourful and tasty.
  4. Save energy: Because of their reduced cooking time, pressure cookers use less energy than other methods.
  5. Less cleaning: Since a pressure cooker replaces the need for pots, your clean up will be simpler. In addition to this, there will not be splatterings of food on the stovetop and extractor fan, as the lid seals it all in.

Pressure Cooker Vs Air Fryer – Which is Right for You?

When deciding between these two wonderful kitchen appliances, it is important to consider what you like to cook. Do you prefer traditionally deep-fried or roasted meals? Or do you have a preference for sauces and stews? If the former speaks to you, then an air fryer is the right choice. If you prefer the second option, a pressure cooker will make a great addition to your kitchen.

Whichever you choose, you are sure to be a happy chef. Making life a little bit easier and freeing up time from cooking and cleaning, these innovative devices are an excellent addition to any home.

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