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Ah, the toastie, what a beauty of a snack. They are quick and easy to make and absolutely delicious. Often cited as a must-buy for students, a sandwich maker should be a staple of any kitchen. 

The reason people think sandwich makers are unhealthy is because of the multitudes of cheese that ooze out of toasties. But, used right, and a sandwich maker can be a means of quick and nutritious snacks and meals. Read on to find out more.

What is a sandwich maker used for? 

While called a sandwich maker, this handy and easy-to-store device has a multitude of uses, including:


Yup, you read that right. Simply preheat your sandwich maker, crack an egg into a mug or bowl and mix it up. Add a little salt and pour it onto your maker, where the bread would usually go. After a couple of minutes you’ll have two halves of an omelette. We like to sprinkle a little cheese on and stack them up for a tasty snack or breakfast.


Sandwich maker quesadillas are pretty on-trend at the moment. All you have to do is slice a tortilla from the edge to the centre and then add whatever ingredients you like in each ‘quarter’. Fold it onto itself until you have a triangle and toast away. Our favourite is using leftover fajita ingredients, cheese, fresh tomatoes and spinach for a healthy lunch. While you wait for the quesadilla to cook, why not whip up some guacamole, salsa and other dips?


Who would have thought that you could cook a chicken breast in a sandwich maker? And it’s so easy! You can marinate your chicken breast beforehand or brush some oil on your chicken, and then, you’ve guessed it, pop it in your preheated sandwich maker for a few minutes. Just make sure it’s thoroughly cooked before you eat it!


Oily fish like salmon or trout are perfect for a sandwich maker. All you have to do is put it in your preheated device and cook until golden brown and crispy on the outside yet still tender on the inside. Why not squeeze lemon on top and pair it with salad for an incredibly tasty and healthy lunch? Or roast up or air fry some delicious Mediterranean veggies for a scrumptious summer dinner?

Fruit and Veg

Grilled peach slices straight from the sandwich maker have the most delectable char marks that are sure to make your mouth water. Enjoy with yoghurt and honey for a healthy and yummy snack or breakfast.

You can also get the same results with vegetables. Thinly slice up courgettes, tomatoes, onions and more for a quick and tasty snack or side dish to a main meal. 


We couldn’t finish this post without giving a shout out to the toastie itself. By brushing the device with oil rather than butter, choosing a healthier bread, cutting back on the cheese and loading it full of veggies, a toastie can be a healthy lunch option. 

If we’ve convinced you that sandwich makers belong in your home and won’t interfere with your healthy lifestyle, why not invest in our three in one sandwich maker? Thanks to the non-stick plates, it’s effortless to clean, comes with a waffle, sandwich and grill plate, is temperature-controlled and dishwasher safe. 

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