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When it comes to whipping up a quick meal, your plans can easily be put to a stop if you’ve forgotten to defrost your food beforehand. Luckily, you can cook almost all of your favourite foods in an air fryer – even if they’re frozen! 

Can I use my air fryer for frozen food?

The answer to this question is, yes – anything is possible with these magical machines. We all know the hassle of waiting for something to defrost before you can cook it, but with an air fryer, you can simply pop the item inside, in its frozen state, and start cooking. 

How Do You Cook Frozen Food In An Air Fryer? 

The only thing you need to think about when cooking frozen food in an air fryer is that it might take a little longer to cook, but not much. The added time will depend on the style of food as well as its shape and size. To help you determine how long you need to cook your frozen treats, we’ve put together this basic cooking chart as a guide. 

Air Fryer Cooking Times Chart


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