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Air Fryers are a fantastic time and energy-saving kitchen appliance that belongs in every home. But what air fryer is right for your kitchen? There are a few different types of air fryers on the market, and it can be challenging to decide which is the right option for you.

To help you decide between the different choices, Innoteck has compiled this list of the types of air fryers and what you can expect from them so that you can make an informed choice. Keep reading to find out more about each of these great appliances.

Types of Air Fryers

There are four main types of air fryers, each one offering unique advantages and features. Here are the four different types of air fryers options and what they’re best suited to:

Classic Basket Air Fryer

Possibly the most recognisable and popular type of air fryer is the basket air fryer. This simple appliance cooks your food in a removable basket. This is a useful option because it is simple to remove and clean the basket, and it makes tossing your food easy.

Basket air fryers come in different sizes and shapes, including square, cylindrical and round. The basket has holes in it, through which the hot air can circulate to cook the food quickly and evenly. These classic air fryers can cook the foods that these appliances are known for, including potato chips, vegetables, chicken and more. These air fryers generally have a limited capacity and are best suited to small-sized foods.

Air Fryer Oven

Air fryer ovens often boast a larger cooking capacity than their basket counterparts, and they cook food 30% faster than a conventional oven. These useful appliances can speed up the cooking process while keeping your food healthy and crispy. They are incredibly versatile, with options to bake, broil, roast or dehydrate your meals.

Oven air fryers look similar to a toaster oven and are generally square or rectangular in shape. They also include racks and baking trays, which allow you to cook at a higher capacity or cook multiple dishes at once. Air fryer ovens come in all sorts of sizes. Innoteck stocks a 12L oven, 16L oven and a 30L oven, providing options for all family sizes and needs.

Rotisserie Air Fryer

The third main type of air fryer is the rotisserie air fryer. This handy contraption allows you to rotate your food automatically, making it simple to create something delicious by just pressing the buttons and walking away.

Rotisserie air fryers have an automatically turning cooking basket. If you want to roast entire chickens for your family, this is the perfect option for you. Many rotisserie air fryers include removable racks, so you can still cook all the familiar favourites.

Paddle Air Fryer

Last but not least, there is the paddle air fryer. If you want to make curries, sauces and stews in your air fryer, this is the perfect option for you. These generally have a basket like the classic basket air fryer, with a paddle that rotates through the food, stirring it constantly. 

These air fryers can also make all the classics, as the paddle can be removed. These options are generally more expensive than the basket air fryer, but if you want to be able to make more types of foods, it’s worth the investment.

Which Air Fryer Is Best?

Here at Innoteck, we appreciate all types of air fryers, as they each have their own pros and cons. When deciding on which option will suit you best, consider your available kitchen space, how many people you are cooking for, and your favourite foods. If you need some help deciding which is right for you, read our blog post on how to choose the right air fryer.

Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the ease and convenience of air fryers and the healthy and delicious foods they make!

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