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Air fryers are all the rage now. With their compact size, ease of use and overall health benefits, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on one of these kitchen appliances? 

When it comes to choosing the right air fryer, there are plenty of factors to consider. So if you’re feeling unsure about where to start, don’t worry. Below, we discuss everything you need to consider before purchasing your air fryer

How big of an air fryer do you want?

The first, and perhaps the most important factor to consider, is how big of an air fryer do you want and need. Air fryers range from mini, compact size to large, bulky appliances that take up a lot of counter space. 

Consider things like how much and what type of food you’re planning to cook in the air fryer. For example, if you’re wanting to get an air fryer to make healthier, crispy snacks such as sweet potato fries, chicken nuggets or bacon, then you’ll be able to get away with buying a smaller fryer. However, if you’re looking to cook bigger items such as chicken pieces or lamb chops, then you may want to consider getting an air fryer with larger dimensions. 

Another factor to think about is how many people you’re planning to cook for. Those living solo or with a partner should consider purchasing a smaller air fryer. Larger air fryers have a bigger basket, perfect for families of four or more. 

Lastly, think about whether you have the space in your kitchen to accommodate this appliance. Air fryers can come in compact sizes that take up minimal space on a kitchen counter. The opposite can be said for large air fryers. However, if you’re not planning on cooking with your air fryer every day, then consider finding a storage spot to keep it out of the way. 

What type of features are you looking for in your air fryer? 

When buying kitchen appliances, you should always consider the safety specs. Because air fryers use hot air to cook food, you should always look for an air fryer that has a cool-touch exterior. Also, be sure to purchase a fryer that automatically shuts off. 

Then you’ll also want to think about the temperature and times you’ll want to cook with. Some air fryers come with preset settings with specific temperatures and times. Other air fryers have customizable settings which you can change and choose as you please. 

Lastly, consider what you want to use the air fryer for. Some come with several varying functions like bake, broil, grill, dehydrate and air fry. Do keep in mind that the outcomes of these settings may not be exactly the same as the traditional cooking method. 

How much are you willing to pay?

While price can be an indicator of quality when it comes to some things in life, the same cannot be said of air fryers. These kitchen appliances can cost anywhere from £40 to £200. 

Generally speaking, the more basic air fryers will likely cost less. However, it’s best to look at the reviews and see what other people think, before making your purchase. 

And there you have it, all the things you should consider when choosing the right air fryer. Now you’re one step closer to owning your very own snazzy air fryer. 

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