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Looking for a high-quality, multiple-functionality air fryer that looks as good as it works? Our grey air fryer range offers all that and more.

At Innoteck, we know that kitchen appliances have to do more than function flawlessly – they must also suit your individual kitchen preferences and needs. Our dark grey range is perfectly suited to a wide range of kitchen styles, making it an ideal choice for anyone and everyone, not only those with a grey kitchen appliance set.

Our grey air fryers don’t stop at appearance either. At Innoteck, we manufacture high-quality, affordable kitchen appliances so that everyone can enjoy the many benefits they boast.

Whether you’re cooking for a small household or a huge one, you’ll find the ideal air fryer in the range below. And since they also boast easy cleanup, faster cooking times, and up to 99% less oil needed to cook your favourite dishes, you simply cannot go wrong with our Innoteck Grey Range.