5L Kitchen Compost Bin – Black


A compact size bucket to decompose your food waste. The swing handle makes it easy to transport and store on the kitchen countertop or under the sink. Available in 2 colours to match any kitchen countertop.




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Ideal for collecting food waste and other compostable materials in your kitchen.  A 5L large capacity to hold several days’ worth of organic waste.

Made of durable and high-grade metal material to prevent leakage and rust.

The charcoal filter on the lid can capture the odours well while this compost bin helps to lock the stench when decomposing organics at home.

The compost bin is equipped with a sturdy metal handle, making it easy to carry and transfer to an outdoor pile and garden.

Why We Love It

  • RUST-RESISTANCE: The bin is a robust and durable product.
  • STYLE: A classic eye-catching shiny gloss and retro look to match any kitchen countertop.
  • CHARCOAL FILTER: A charcoal filter is integrated into the lid to reduce odours in your kitchen.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: The stylish retro metal container collects several days’ worth of waste.


  • Charcoal filter
  • High gloss finish
  • Easy to clean
  • 5L capacity
  • Premium quality
  • Classic retro look
  • LFGB approved


  • Style: Retro
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: H 20 cm x W 17.5 cm
  • Food safe: Yes

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