Acrylic Ceiling Chandelier – Cherry Pink


Experience the allure of the Innoteck Ceiling Chandelier Acrylic Light Shade and immerse yourself in the radiance of refined living. With its captivating design, easy installation, and customisable appeal, this chandelier shade is the epitome of elegance. Illuminate your space with a touch of luxury – order now and bask in the brilliance that only Innoteck can deliver. Also available in Ocean Blue and Sunbeam Orange.

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Transform your living space into a haven of sophistication with the exquisite Innoteck Ceiling Chandelier Acrylic Light Shade. Crafted with precision and designed to captivate, this stunning chandelier shade effortlessly combines form and function, creating an ambiance that resonates with luxury. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your dining room, illuminate your foyer with grandeur, or infuse your bedroom with gentle radiance, this light shade promises to be the crowning jewel of your interior decor.

Why We Love It

  • ELEGANT LAMPSHADE: The Innoteck Ceiling Chandelier Acrylic Light Shade boasts a timeless design that seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with modern sensibilities. Its sleek silhouette and refined acrylic craftsmanship make it a versatile choice for various interior styles, from contemporary to traditional.
  • VERSATILE PLACEMENT: Elevate various areas of your home with this chandelier shade’s versatile design. From dining rooms to bedrooms, living areas to entryways, its ability to transform spaces is unmatched.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Our chandelier shade comes with a user-friendly installation kit that ensures hassle-free setup.
  • MESMERISING ILLUMINATION: The high-quality acrylic material allows light to refract beautifully, scattering a warm and enchanting radiance throughout your space.
  • COMPATIBLE: Compatible with Bulb of E27 to B22 size adaptor is included (B22 for UK standard and remove this size adaptor to use for E27 EU standard of any light fitting).


  • Antique style
  • Versatile
  • Compatible with most bulbs
  • Easy installation
  • Home décor
  • Affordable luxury


  • Brand: INNOTECK
  • Style: Modern elegance
  • Material: Acrylic +Metal
  • Colour: Cherry Pink
  • Product dimensions: 18 x 28 cm (total 40 cm with acrylic droplets)
  • Included component: Plastic size ring ( bulb not included)

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Sunbeam, Ocean, Cherry


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