Baking Tray for Innoteck 30L Air Fryer

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Replacement baking tray for Innoteck 30L Air Fryer.

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Baking rack for Innoteck 30L Air Fryer to create great air circulation around your food while it is cooking.

Please note: It is recommended to soak the tray in soapy water and gently clean it. The item is not dishwasher-safe.

6 reviews for Baking Tray for Innoteck 30L Air Fryer

  1. Clare (verified owner)

  2. Alex M. (verified owner)

    We use this tray regularly and are of excellent quality.

  3. stephen (verified owner)

    Truly nonstick tray does the job well.

  4. Anthony Goddard (verified owner)

  5. Beverley (verified owner)

  6. Reginald Rohman (verified owner)

    Excact fit . Marvelous

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