Lily Pug Sequin Art

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Spend hours of fun pinning colourful sequins and beads to make colourful pictures. The kit comes complete with all the pins and sequins required to produce a colourful model. Full coloured instructions are enclosed. Either display the finished product in your home or give it to a friend. Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Made in the UK.

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Sequin Art- Lily Pug Art

Why We Love It

  • COLOURFUL CRAFT FUN: With this set, you can easily create beautiful glittery pictures. All materials required for production are included in the set: Styrofoam frame, colourful sequins and pins making the sequin painting very simple.
  • QUALITY TIME: Hours of fun making a colourful picture with family and kids 


  • Create a sparkling picture
  • Pin colourful sequins onto a coloured pre-printed picture
  • Easy to follow coloured instruction leaflet
  • Made in the UK


  • Brand: Sequin Art
  • Style: Fun
  • Material: Framed polystyrene base; Black picture; Coloured sequins; Pins and coloured instructions


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