Modern Antique Style Electric Ceiling Lampshades


INNOTECK Modern Vintage Antique Style Electric Ceiling Lampshades makes for a fabulous decorative accessory that can be your single point of attraction and adds a great awesome shade and value to your room.

You also can put it on a desk or ceiling or floor or any other holders to give any room a wonderful look. Easy to install with ceiling pendants, desk lamps and floor lamps. No light fitting or bulbs included.

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Why We Love It

  • ANTIQUE STYLE DECORATIVE LAMPSHADE: This antique ceiling decorative lampshade gives a great vintage look to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bar, café, restaurant. It features a polished chrome frame and is finished with glistening acrylic crystal beads and blue droplets.
  • VERSATILE WITH CEILING: Vintage antique style lamp is highly compatible and versatile with ceiling pendants, desk lamps and floor lamps. This eye-catching design gives the interior a luxurious and modern style.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The installation is simple as lightening your regular lamp, nothing to think about, it only adds shade to your room.
  • COMPATIBLE: Perfect for dining living room & bedroom at home and restaurant, Office, Bar Cafe Lighting decoration.
  • LIGHT FITTING AND BULBS NOT INCLUDED: This product consists of only the lampshade; light fitting and bulbs are not included in this.


  • Awesome look
  • Antique style
  • Versatile in nature
  • Compatible with any bulbs
  • Easy installation
  • Home décor
  • Luxurious & Modern


  • Brand: INNOTECK
  • Included components: Plastic size ring
  • Material: Acrylic +Metal
  • Product Dia.: 18cm x H 41cm


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