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A good cup of coffee is a beautiful thing, and many of us can’t start the day without one. However, not all coffee is created equal. There are so many different types of coffee beans, roasts, drinks, and coffee makers, each offering something unique.

In this post, we will look at the different types of coffee makers so that you can determine which will best suit your tastes and your kitchen. From there, we encourage you to explore the other unique coffee variations so that you can create your own perfect coffee every morning.

What are the different types of coffee makers?

Coffee has been bringing people joy and energy for over a thousand years, and we have designed many different ways to make it. Here are the main coffee maker types:

Automatic coffee machine

This classic, simple type of coffee machine can be programmed to make coffee according to your specifications and creates a great cup every time. For those who want to make great coffee with ease, this is a very popular option. Many automatic coffee machines grind the coffee beans before percolating, resulting in a perfectly fresh cup of coffee. 

Note: Here is a blog post on how to use a coffee machine.

French press

With the french press, otherwise known as a plunger, freshly boiled water is added to coffee grounds to steep. You can choose the intensity of the coffee by leaving it to steep for a shorter or longer period. French presses are perfect for those who don’t want to take up worktop space with a machine, but the coffee produced is generally understood to be below the standard of other options.

Moka pot

The Moka pot is an Italian invention that we can all appreciate. These small stovetop coffee makers work by pressurising boiling water by steam through ground coffee and out through a spout into the top of the pot. Moka pots make a dark, strong coffee that can be used as the base for cappuccinos and other drinks.

Cold brew coffee maker

If you’re a fan of iced coffee, cold brew could be the ideal option for you. Cold brew coffee is without any heat, which is where it gets its name from. You simply steep ground coffee beans in room temperature or cold water overnight. This results in a rich and full-bodied brew, perfect for using as the base for iced coffees. There are cold brew coffee machines, but this type can also be made in a container.

Drip coffee maker

Drip coffee makers are another simple option for those who want a quick cup. These machines can make anything from a single serving to over 10 cups of coffee, making this an ideal option for offices and entertaining. Drip coffee makers work by heating up water to pass through the coffee beans, which are added to a filter. The brewed coffee is then dispensed into a glass carafe which sits atop a hot plate, keeping the coffee warm for an extended period of time.

Single-serve capsule coffee maker

Capsule coffee makers have grown in popularity in recent years because of their ease of use and wide range of coffee options. With these machines, you can simply use a pre-ground and measured pod to make a consistent cup of coffee every time. It uses the same method as a drip coffee maker, but the results are more consistent, and the capsules can simply be thrown away after use. Allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of coffee without any of the hassles.

Espresso coffee machine

There are a number of different types of espresso coffee makers, but they all create concentrated full-bodied coffee. These are either served in a smaller cup, as a single or double shot or are added to other coffee drinks as the perfect base. Espresso is made by pressurising hot water to pass through dark roasted, finely ground coffee beans.

Turkish/Greek coffee maker

The last option on our list of coffee machine types is this traditional coffee maker. This coffee is made by mixing water with coffee grounds in a small pot before coming to a boil on a stovetop. Popular in Turkey and Greece, this method produces a very strong and unfiltered cup of coffee, usually enjoyed straight, in a small cup. Many like to infuse their coffee with cinnamon or cardamom, making this coffee even more interesting. Unlike all of the other options on this list, this is an unfiltered coffee, where the grounds settle at the bottom of the cup.

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