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Interior lighting plays a significant role in the comfort and liveability of your home’s design. Warm bulbs can keep us cosy and relaxed, which is why they work wonderfully in the bedroom. Bright LED lights, on the other hand, add playful elements to any entertainment space. 

While it’s great to keep us with trends, you don’t want to opt for the latest bulbs just because it’s what everyone is doing – trends have to align with the look and feel of your dreamy space.

These are the latest lighting trends that look beautiful and work well in a number of home interiors. From funky-shaped bulbs for bland living rooms to stylish light features that compliment magical dining spaces. 

Beautifying Your At-Home Office

With the future of work being at home for people in all parts of the world, one of the latest lighting trends involves accessorizing your office space with desk lamps. So whether you’re keen on keeping it professional with classic banker table lamps or adding some colour with a globe lamp, lamps for your desk are always a win. 

Desk lamps aren’t limited to your office – they can be placed on dim coffee tables and bedsides tables for nighttime reading.

Pendant Light Shades

Pendant lampshades can create unique lighting effects through their intricate and beautiful designs. What’s terrific about lampshades is that they come in various styles and shapes, from vintage or modern to industrial or contemporary, meaning they can work with the design of your house. 

Lava Lamps

While this may sound like a trend from the early ’90s, lava lamps are making a comeback! They add a pop of colour to any room and can be the perfect addition to bland and boring spacing. You can easily find a lava lamp that suits your palette, given the wide variety of popping colours.

Energy-Friendly Bulbs

Ditch the dated, dull light bulbs and start saving with new energy-friendly bulbs. Installing new eco-friendly bulbs is easy – simply swap out your old ones for new stylish earth-conscious bulbs. Many of these trendy lights have an innovative design that ensures they always look good, even when they’ve been switched on for a long time.

LED lights are considered one of the most eco-friendly lighting products. While you’re doing your part to save the planet, your home will also be benefiting from some trendy lighting features.

Statement Bulbs

Forget about plain old light bulbs, the next lighting trend shows that bulbs don’t only have to be about functionality – they can be an extension of your home’s design. Blown out bulbs, twisty bulbs or elongated bulbs can become statement pieces for any kind of space. 

If you want to go the extra mile, you can mix and match bulbs of different sizes. Adjusting the cord from the ceiling is also a fantastic way to add depth and aesthetics to lonely corners. 

Lighting As A Sculpture

Lights are certainly one of the most practical pieces of our home. But instead of using them only for lighting purposes, you can transform them into a work of art. Designers are focusing on creating light as a work of art, which is why you’ll find all kinds of weird and wonderful sculptures illuminating light. 

Instead of spending thousands on a work of art, combine your lighting requirements with a jaw-dropping centrepiece.

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