Pedal Bin & Toilet Brush Set- Black Marble


Marble black coating on a modern and utilitarian design Finish to compliment the bathroom’s decor. The toilet brush head is comprised of a firm and dense bristles that allow you to clean the toilet thoroughly and thoroughly at 360°. The handle is made of stainless steel and has a spherical cover to protect your hands from splashes while cleaning. A tall and solid holder to catch drips and prevent stains in your bathroom.

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Marble black pedal bin and toilet brush with holder set to match the pristine white colours of your toilet. This product is ideal for use in the bathroom.

Why We Love It

  • MARBLE PRINT FINISH: With its marble finish, the colour creates a stylish and presentable look for a modern bathroom.
  • DURABLE: It is made of stainless steel and good-quality bristles. Non-slip pedal, and hand’s free operation.
  • COMPACT SIZE: The brush is made in a compact size that lets you clean the toilet in-depth. This bin is ideal for use in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, or office with its compact size.
  • EASY-TO-CARRY:   Bins have handles on the back for easy carrying, and buckets have handles for easy emptying.


  • Matches any bathroom/ or room
  • Compact size to store in any corner
  • High quality
  • Long-lasting material
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Marble white finish


  • Brand: INNOTECK
  • Style: Classical
  • Colour: Marble Black
  • Material: Metal & Nylon
  • Size: Bin: H 26cm x W 17 cm Toilet brush & Holder H 37cm x W 9 cm
  • 1 x 3L Pedal Bin & 1 x Toilet Brush with Holder


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